Monday, August 18, 2003

Fucking Moron

Dubya, that is. After last week's blackout, he stopped spreading his legs for the wealthy republicans of Orange County long enough to go on the air and reassure us all. Trouble is, he's so fucking stupid that no one with half a brain winds up reassured. On Thursday, in his first comments, he repeatedly referred to the blackout as a "rolling blackout." Then he did it again the next day suggesting either that the people who prep him aren't very smart themselves (not true, sadly), or that he's simply unteachable. Unlike last week's blackout, George, rolling blackouts are planned. They're a method, albeit a shitty one, to deal with demand for electricity that exceeds supply. You could have asked any of the Californians you met last week about this. They're very familiar with them.

And what galls me about this more than Bush's stupidity itself (he delegates most important functions to people smarter, if no less evil than he, anyway) is the fact that he gets a free pass from the media. If you've seen a reference to this glaring error in a newspaper or mainstream media outlet (or even in a blog more widely read than this one) let me know.