Wednesday, February 05, 2003

A Glaring Omission

The Russian delegate offered his condolences to the United States for the loss of the Columbia and its crew. Earth to Russia: An Israeli died too. Even the French had the decency to extend condolences to Israel, even though France daily and enthusiastically gives aid and comfort to Israel's enemies.

UPDATE: I was only listening with one ear. Hearing French, I thought it was France speaking, but it was Cameroon. Figures.

Completely Justified and Absolutely Necessary

I've been listening this morning to the Security Council's meeting. I think Powell's case was irrefutable. Yet the Chinese and Russian delegates have just expressed their opposition to any meaningful response to Iraq's arrogant pursuit of regional hegemony. The Russian delegate was painfully honest: Russia views a political solution as the only possible solution. That is the prism through which Russia views the situation. This is madness. Inspectors can only inspect what they're allowed to see. Powell presented irrefutable evidence that Iraq is actively thwarting inspectors' efforts to see what's going on. If Iraq is not frantically trying to amass an arsenal of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, then why the cooridnated effort to hide evidence, and to threaten Iraqi scientists with death if they speak with inspectors? And just how will more diplomacy convince Iraq to alter its course? For twelve years, Iraq has been playing the diplomatic community for fools. As I write, France has just risen to speak. But is there really any need to listen to the French?